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IK Okt20 1281 copy

IK-Group’s revolutionary AOGV - Mechanical Isolation Tool, which allows you to isolate process segments without a shutdown for inspection and maintenance, has been awarded a patent in the US.

Increase up-time!  Isolation of process piping, pipelines, vessels, or equipment is a key requirement for safe and efficient maintenance, modification and repair of any oil, gas, and petrochemical facility.  Where suitable isolation points do not exist per the facility design, extensive activities may be required to safely isolate equipment yielding increased HSSE exposure, time, risk, and expense as well as impacting the facilities production.  

The IK-Group developed and patented AOGV is used to install a safe barrier between a flange pair on a system that is in continuous operation and lacks the ability to shut down a segment. This will reduce or eliminate the need for drainage, cleaning and gas freeing of the piping system by isolating process systems upstream of the barrier and thereby increasing the uptime of the plant.

Vice President for AOGV, Rune Sele, commented “It’s amazing to get the US patent granted at this point in time when we have just kicked off our entry into the US market.”

For more information, please contact AOGV Business Development Manager Kenneth Låtveit here

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