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Andy Marwood

Managing Director - Online Electronics

Pigging Services

Pipeline Services focuses on value-adding solutions and services for pipeline operators and contractors. 

With 25+ years’ experience and a global footprint across 8 locations, Pipeline Services supports pipeline integrity, pre-commissioning, operations and decommissioning.  Coupled with a deep understanding of a broad variety of communication methods, datalogging, advanced software capabilities and a highly experienced Research and Development team, Pipeline Services can also support your pigging, assessment, communications - as well as unexpected challenges.

We have the history to prove it.

We are the technological leaders who have set the industry standard in pig tracking.  We have a versatile range of Non-Intrusive Pig Signallers with 3 different technologies available, all designed to remove uncertainty over pig passage and allow operations to continue on schedule.

Pipeline Services provides assurance and reduce costs during pre-commissioning with solutions for even the most challenging of installations.  This includes our award-winning MEG ARTS™ skid, Gauging Run Integrity Data systems and the 6000SD temperature and pressure logger. 

Our Pathfinder™ tool, offered in partnership with Pipeline Innovations, has been used to determine debris, detect dents, and provide pipeline assessments in over 150 pipelines globally. 

Pipeline Services is ideally placed to make sure your projects and pipelines run efficiently and profitably.

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Pipeline Services constantly invests in the development of pipeline performance solutions. Our role as integrator and solutions provider ensures cost effective solutions which are designed to optimise our customers' asset performance.