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Safely Managing Risk to Succeed

For over three decades, IK-Group has been reducing costly subsea operations by providing innovative alternatives combined with surgical precision. 

Our class leading repair clamps are designed for the subsea IMR, MMO and SURF sectors


We're Smart About It

With so much brilliant engineering and innovative know-how behind us, we don't need to reinvent the wheel every time you face a problem. Instead, we have the ability to refine well-proven technology and solutions.

Developed for onsite repair of a range of leakage scenarios and pipeline configurations, our technology comprises several solutions and repair clamp designs. 

  • Bolted Sealing Clamp
  • Bolted Structural Sealing Clamp
  • Compact Sealing Clamp
  • Compact Integrity Clamp

Our standard repair clamps are the result of 30+ years' experience and they form the foundation of our suite of solutions


How We Do It

Technology that works in real life!

We know the subsea environment inside and out, meaning we can provide flexible solutions and means of installation that others may not.

Field proven technology, that offers simplified cost-effective solutions engineers to industry standards.

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Flexible and Nimble on a Global Scale

We have solved some of our industry's most complex challenges, but whether we're solving the impossible or providing an off-the-shelf fix, we are committed to reducing the lead. time and our carbon footprint.

From fast tracking our prototypes to providing a range of rental options optimising our clients' production is our overarching objective and our DNA.

We are strategically positioned around the globules allowing a 24/7 response regardless of where you are!


Clamp Repair Function & Principle

Typical applications includes:

  • Pipe Leakage
  • Local Damages
  • Wall Thickness Reduction

Once the clamp is installed, the pipe becomes part of the repair solution. The clamp secures the damaged location or seals off the leakage, reinstating pipeline integrity permanently or temporarily.

Use our handy solution finder below to find out how we can help solve your current issue quickly and efficiently.

Clamp Family

  • 12in Compact Integrity Clamp Open 12in Compact Integrity Clamp Closed

    12in Compact Integrity Clamp

  • 18in Bolted Structural Sealing Clamp Open 18in Bolted Structural Sealing Clamp Closed

    18in Bolted Structural Sealing Clamp

  • 12in Bolted Repair Clamp Open 12in Bolted Repair Clamp Closed

    12in Bolted Repair Clamp

  • 12in Bolted Repair Clamp Open 12in Bolted Repair Clamp Closed

    12in Bolted Repair Clamp

World's Deepest Subsea Repair

Custom identifies problem

At 1500m deep off the West Coast of Africa, a circumferential located at a wld point with a gap of 10mm that circled around 250 degrees of the pipeline.

IK-Group Team Mobilised

IK propose a two-phased approach. Phase one was carried out to structurally reinforce the pipeline and prevent the crack from increasing, with the more complicated phase two to follow to establish a permanent seal and reinstate structural integrity of the pipeline.

Phase 1

Custom-made milling tools were designed and manufactured in-house to mill away over 500mm of a complex section of steel and GSPU but had to stay with a tolerance of 1mm without damaging the pipeline.

Phase 2

After the milling, two clamps were installed. The clamps were successfully testing with an axial load of 284Te and seal up to 290 bar pressure.

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COO / VP Subsea

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Business Development Director - Subsea