New Board of Directors in IK-Group elected

We are pleased to announce that Hans Olav Hide is elected as the Chairman of the Board and that Arnstein Wee is elected as Board member in IK-Group.  Christian Knutsen and Christian Bull Eriksson will remain in the Board as Board members.


Hans Olav Hide;
Hans Olav Hide has an extensive industry experience, mainly from the international oil and gas sector. He has been working with oil majors, service companies and in Private Equity. His technical, financial and entrepreneurial skills and knowledge have been continuously expanded during the successful founding, growth and exit from several technology companies.


Hans Olav Hide

Arnstein Wee;
Chairman and main owner of Eppus As, a family owned investment company
Previous experience: Co-founder of MPM and inventor of MPM technology, Investment Director in Venturos Venture, Board Member of various early phase technology companies, Technical Director of Roxar

Arnstein Wee