Pigging Products and Services
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The Pigging Products and Services department provides solutions to pigging challenges, whether these are supply of standard products, support activities or special products to resolve immediate needs.


IK have an excellent track record in delivering quality products, safe operations, and flexible innovative solutions. These qualities will be the building blocks for the Pigging Products and Services department.

IK have been supplying pigs and pigging solutions for the last 10 years and has manufacturing facilities in the UK. IK together with our wholy owned subsidiary, Online Electronics ltd., can provide complete delivery of pigs and standard pig tracking/data monitoring systems, we can also provide custom pigging data/electronic systems based on clients specific needs.

Our extensive knowledge of codes and practices for pipe interventions will help to ensure we provide a solution you can trust. Our experience from our Subsea department for remote operated activities and design of special ROV tools, helps us design a smart and safe solution for your topside or subsea pigging needs. Our extensive experience with Field Services during shut downs and high risk operations will ensure a focus on safety and functionality.


Online Electronics Ltd (OEL), an IK-Group Company, is an international group of business units engaged in thepipeline sector of the global energy industry. OEL design, manufacture and distribute a cutting edge range of products and systems employed during pipeline pig monitoring, pipeline data communication and logging operations.


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  • Bi Di disc pigs, brush pgs, gaugin pigs
  • Cup pigs
  • Foam pigs
  • Pig spares
  • Constant speed system for Gas lines
  • Custom built pigs
  • Piggable welding plugs
  • Piggable J-tube plugs with messenger wire
  • Pig equipment: Pig lauchers and receivers, pig washing machines, launching trolleys, special containers etc.
  • Pig trackers and related equipment from our daughter company http://www.online-electronics.com


  • Piggability studies
  • Design, build and testing of custom pigs
  • Supervision and support of pigging operations
  • Refurbishment and storage
  • Pigging Programs
  • Spares
  • Development of specialized pigging applications:
       - Pigs for camera inspection
       - Articulated joint pig couplings





Paul Robinson

Sales Manager UK
M: + 44 750 556 7894
T: +44 (0) 1325 307508 - 106

John E. Gotrik

Vice President / Department Manager Pigging Products and Service IK-Norway
M: + 47 908 71 402
T: +47 51 44 32 28