Pigging and Polyurethane products
  • Bi Di Disc Pigs

    Bi Di Disc Pigs

    Designed to be used for the displacement of water or air during hydrostatic testing of a pipeline IK’s range of Bi directional disc/scraper pigs offer excellent high sealing qualities. The range is comprehensive 2” through to 60”, with a variety of body constructions available. In sizes 2” up to 14” a spindle (bolt) body can be offered
    or alternatively the complete range up to 60” can be supplied as a multi bolt design.

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  • BiDi Brush Pigs

    Designed to remove debris and deposits from the pipeline, IK’s range of Bi-directional brush pigs offer excellent cleaning qualities. The range is comprehensive 2” through to 60”, with a variety of body constructions available. In sizes 2” up to 14” a spindle (bolt) body can be offered or alternatively the complete range up to 60” can be supplied as a multi bolt design.

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  • BiDi Gauging Pigs

    Designed to prove the pipeline is laid as specified the gauging pig is one of the most important inspection tools available. IK’s range of Bi-directional gauging pigs offers the contractor an excellent tool. The range is comprehensive 2” through to 60”, with a variety of body constructions available.

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  • BiDi Jetting Head Pigs

    Designed for use in pipelines where large amounts of debris and deposits may be present, IK’s range of jetting head pigs offer excellent cleaning qualities. Available in size 6” through to 60”, the standard model is supplied as a multi bolt design with six polyurethane discs: two support/guide discs, four sealing discs and
    jetting head assembly.

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  • Cup Pigs

    Standard Cup Pigs Designed for cleaning, batching and gauging, IK’s cup pig is still a universally popular style of pig. The cup design is derived from the hydraulic piston seal and aggressively scrapes the pipeline bore while maintaining a good seal.

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  • De-coking Pigs

    De-coking Pigs

    Aggressive scraping of the hardest of pipeline deposits, IK-UK's range of de-coking offer 360 internal pipeline coverage and are custom made to suit your specific pipeline details.

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  • Foam Pigs

    Foam Pigs

    IK is a leading foam pig manufacturer in Europe, from our UK facility we are able to manufacture over 30 different styles of foam pig with sizes ranging from ½” to 64” : 

    • Low density: 24 - 32 kg/m³

    • Medium density: 80 – 112 kg/m³

    • High density: 128 - 160 kg/m³


    Foam are versatile, flexible and often suited to pipeline systems where pigging has not taken place before. Foam pigs can perform excellent on bore restrictions and significant changes in pipe ID.

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  • Intrusive Pig Signaller

    Intrusive Pig Signaller

    Scraper Passage Indicators, or pig signallers as they are often called, are installed onto launcher and receiver units to confirm the launch or arrival of a pig. They can also be installed at any point on the pipeline to indicate that the pig has passed a specific point or pipeline feature.

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  • Isolation Tools

    Isolation Tools


    Achieving positive isolation before carrying out hot work on pipelines carrying hydrocarbon resources has proved difficult in the past, the use of air bags and compression plugs being common practice. At best they are unreliable and cannot guarantee a safe working environment for this application; subsequently IK is pleased to announce the launch of its Twin Tyre Multi Plug.

    Once installed the Multi Plug offers double isolation via its 2 independent inflatable tyres, a pressure test cavity between the tyres which allows the operator to prove positive isolation is achieved and a centre bypass facility which allows any activity downstream to be monitored. The Multi Plug also has a second function available; when the welding area has cooled the plug can be repositioned with the pressure test cavity covering the new weld, reactivated the plug can then be used to hydrostatically test the new weld to a maximum pressure of 30 bar.

    Operational benefits are considerable:
    Straight forward and simple to install and operational in minutes.
    Positive isolation is always achievable.
    No requirement for specialised tools to operate.
    Available sizes ½” to 36” – larger sizes available on request.
    Installed correctly the Multi Plug will withstand a minimum of 3 bar back pressure.
    Tools are available for sale or hire.
    Key Features
    Specially designed polyurethane tyres allow greater radial clearance and will seal in most badly pitted and oval pipes.
    Centre bypass port allows operator to monitor downstream conditions.
    All tools are certified prior to dispatch.
    Special Design
    Elbow Isolation – Twin Tyre Plugs to perform isolation in 90° Elbows – contact our sales team for further information.

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  • Special/Custom Pigs

    Special/Custom Pigs

    For more complex requirements we design, develop and test specialist pigging tools. This is often a requirement for operations in complex and demanding pipelines, where our design and service engineers, work closely with clients to design and engineer the best fit pigging solution.

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  • Pig refurbishment and spares

    IK offers a comprehensive range of replacement spare parts for pigs:

    • sealing discs
    • guide discs
    • cleaning brushes (both circular and spring mounted)
    • magnet boxes
    • aluminum gauge plates (slotted or standard)
    • cups (conical or standard)
    • bumper noses
    • spacer discs

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  • Polyurethane Products

    Polyurethane Products


    Polyurethane is an extremely versatile material, offering the elasticity of conventional rubbers combined with the toughness and durability of metal.

    Here at PEI we are able to offer finished products in a wide range of colours and Shore hardness (55°A through to 95°A). Initial tooling costs are kept low because of our ability to machine or fabricate the moulds within our Newton Aycliffe facility.

    Products available include:


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  • Pig launcher trolley

    Pig Launcher Trolley’s main function is to insert 28” dual module articulated pigs into an oil export system pipeline between an offshore installation and Onshore shipping facility. Main focus of design is reduced operations cost and increase HSE.

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  • Pig Washing Machine

    IK design and deliver special tools for handling of pigs operated in pipelines. The tools can be delivered for a large variety of dimensions and classes and for several purposes

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  • Pig containers/boxes

    IK can offer a range of pig container/boxes for easy offshore or onshore transport and storage. The containers are purpose built to fit the pigs and are have a crib guide to protect the pig discs from damage under transport.

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  • Hot Water Pump for Pig Washer

    The main purpose of the pump station is to supply the Pig Washing Machine with 150 bar high pressurized hot water up to 70˚C in order to provide sufficient cleaning of the pig. Approximatively 1600 Liters of water are delivered for a 10 min washcycle (160 l/min).

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