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We provide services, products and solutions to the Subsea IMR, MMO and SURF sector


We are specialists in the area of subsea remote repair and reinforcement solutions on structures and pipelines, both temporary as well as permanent solutions.

In 2013 IK delivered an EPCI solution for the re-stabilising and fixation of a piled offshore installation whereas the bonding between jacket structure/sleeve and pile had failed. The re-stabilising and fixation solution required both a 1600Te jack for jacking operations as well as a permanent mechanical bonding system between pile and jacket sleeve.

The operation was conducted by IK personnel and successfully completed in accordance to approved procedures and specifications.  The Success Criteria for the execution of this project was given by the multidiscipline team and composition of engineering competency’s within: Clamping technology, Plugging technology, Grout and Injection technology, ROV Tools and Drilling technology . The project was executed offshore from a standard CSV and all subsea operations were performed by ROV.




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Engineering Studies

IK have significant experience in execution of a variety of different studies, such as concept studies, FEED studies, ect. Working through studies is a cost efficient way where IK can recommend a solution when the way forward is not clearly defined.

Competency Based Emergency Repair (CBER)

IK have significant experience and competency for rapid delivery of custom designed repair solutions. The CBER system includes the complete service from the failure identification until the solution is installed and in operation. IK can offer the following CBER services:

  • Mobilizing of a team of specialist and senior engineers within 12 hours
  • Project Management with all related functions up and running within 24 hours
  • Systematical approach from  the incident to solution and execution
  • An engineering team , with state of the art data tools and broad experience
  • Modern and well equipped workshop for assembly and testing.
  • Local fabrication and manufacturing, selected and qualified suppliers
  • EPCI delivery responsibly – certified operators and engineers for field operations

Subsea Services

  • From studies through FEED to EPCI
  • Design and analyses according to normative directives and references
  • Document handling and control in accordance with client requirements and ISO 9001
  • Manufacturing by qualified supplier network
  • Assembly and testing in our modern workshop facilities
  • Manage and perform test qualifications at any site
  • Highly skilled and competent management, engineers and technicians for onshore and offshore project  execution and operations

SubSea Product Solutions

  • Customized solutions for repair and modification of subsea structures and pipelines
  • Recovery tools for lifting and handling of pipelines and risers
  • Remote operated clamps for repair or reinforcement of pipelines and risers.
  • Tools for plugging and isolation of risers, flow lines and pipelines.
  • Remote tools for cutting, machining and drilling of structures and lines
  • Design and manufacturing of customized connectors and flanges
  • Application of remote operated epoxy and concrete injection operations

Pål Angell Bergh

Department Manager, SubSea
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Christian Knutsen

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Adrian Gamman

Business Acquisition Manager
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