Torque & Pressure Technology
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We offer total joint integrity services to keep installations  safe and leak-free.


Hot bolting is a new professional niche area in our business. Our hot bolting  solution is designed to ensure that bolted joints are locked in a controlled and safe manner. The lightweight and compact design fits almost all flange space restrictions. It is easy to handle and fit, therefore enabling speedy bolt replacement. 

IK hot bolt systems are designed to provide engineered solutions to our customers and maintain the integrity of their assets.

Our state of the art equipment is available for both purchase and hire to ensure the integrity of any operation. We design and manufacture special bolting tools for subsea operations.

Our flexible, multi-skilled specialists are willing to undertake general mechanical duties whilst on standby. They can be employed as part of a routine maintenance program on all pipe work and heavy metal structures or on a dedicated project basis.

IK Torque & Pressure Technology provide professional Sales and Services.
Hot bolting is becoming a new professional niche area in our business.

State of the art equipment for both sale and hire to ensure the integrity of any operation.

• Subsea and topside bolting systems
• Hot bolting, controlled bolt replacement
• Sale and hire of torque and tension equipment
• Sale of non-standard bolts and nuts
• Technical advice, bolt load calculations
• Worldwide engineering service
• Training courses bolting technology (OLF)


Tore Gjøse

Department Manager Torque Tensioning IK-Norway
M: +47 992 69 245
T: +47 51 44 67 17

Bjørn Larsen

Project Manager
M: +47 97 76 33 27