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3" Class 1500 AOGV

IK was awarded a live isolation contract for the gas lift manifold in the Norwegian North Sea, to enable spool replacement and maintenance work on the riser without shutting down the production.




Delivered August 2020


Norwegian North Sea

Project Manager:

Svein Tore Milwertz

The AOGV was designed, fabricated, tested, CE-marked and ready for operation by IK-Group in 6 weeks. With an operational pressure of 155 bar gas, the IK team safely isolated the live system enabling maintenance and replacement work with no shut downs.

The flanged connection was separated, the RTJ gasket was removed and the line was isolated at 155 bar hydrocarbon gas. The system was restored by installing a new gasket and flange bolts.

"World record! Live isolation and restoring system at high pressure hydrocarbon line at 155 bar in cramped surroundings in the turret of an FPSO."

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