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Repair of a Bended 8” Gas Line


Repair Clamp




Danish Sector North Sea

Project Manager:

Iana Galanova

The project included design and supplying of a repair clamp for the bended Tyra East – Gorm 8” pipeline. Due to subsidence the 8” pipeline has suffered a 160 bend a few meters away from the platform / J-tube.

According to the interpretation of the survey report the bend had not caused a buckle or a leakage at the location.

The repair clamp was a single barrier structural split clamp designed for diver installation. The clamp protects the pipeline for any possible future leakages at the bended location, and the clamp includes one compression packer at each end of the clamp and structural slips in each end to secure the structural integrity.

The clamp with the slips and packers grip onto the pipeline on each side of the bend-section, onto the straight pipeline sections.

The primary objective of the structural function of the clamp is to physically lock the clamp and pipeline together and by that secure the long-term sealing function.  Secondary, the structural function of the clamp shall be able to handle the loads for a complete separation of the pipe at the bend location. This is not a likely scenario but included as requirement causing a conservative approach to the repair solution.

The client was happy, problem free repair of a relatively complicated repair scenario

Christian Knutsen, CTO

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