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Securing Clamp for Caisson


Subsea Clamps




Norwegian North Sea

Project Manager:

Lena Karlsson

IK Subsea were awarded a contract to supply two Caisson securing clamps. The clamp support is based on a standard split clamp that is bolted around the caisson. The primary purpose of securing clamps is to prevent the caisson from falling into the seabed if it is separated at a location above the lower caisson support and below sea level.

The main securing clamp was installed above the lower support guide on the caisson. One additional clamp was installed below the lower support guide and secured the lower section of the caisson. The bottom clamp was connected to the top clamp with two lines, making a single system for securing the complete system without any complicated subsea operations.

The upper clamp was hydraulically closed around the caisson and then lowered down onto the top of the guide support. Then it was then torqued up with a single setting bolt and then fixed to the caisson. The lower clamp was hydraulically closed around the caisson below the lower support guide. The clamps were installed by ROVs and with removable buoyancies.

Lifetime: 2 years.

Open/closing mechanism: Hydraulic cylinder.

Locking mechanism: M33 bolts.

Dimensions upper clamp: 1370 mm x 1330 mm x 300mm

Dimensions lower clamp: 1370 mm x 1330 mm x 150mm

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