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Water Injection Repair Clamp


Water Injection Repair Clamp


2022 - 2023



Project Manager:

Bozidar Sevic

Mid-march IK Subsea delivered a repair clamp to one of our customers. IK-Norway designed, fabricated, and tested a contingency repair clamp including installation frame for a water injection pipeline.  

The repair clamp is hinged type with hydraulic cylinders for smooth positioning, opening & closing operation. Clamping bolts are inserted once the clamp is in correct position and the clamp halves are closed and mated using the guide pins.

Double row of elastomer seals is placed on each end of the pressure retaining clamp body and are activated with the compression ring once the clamp is in position and the clamping bolts are fully set and tensioned/torqued.

Design pressure 200 bar, total length 4,1 meter and compatible with 4’’ piggy bag line. Sour service resistance and design is verified by DNV.


1 off 12” Pipeline Repair Clamp – 3m sealing length.

Piggy back clamps.

Installation Frame.

Lifting set.

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