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IK Okt20 1286 kopi

IK-Group’s AOGV department have been awarded a contract for isolating by a Major Operator on an offshore site on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

This project will utilise the 6” class 900 AOGV Mechanical Isolation tool, with line pressure of 90 bar.  This isolation will allow valve maintenance to take place without the need for shutting down.

Business Development and Sales Manager for AOGV, Kenneth Låtveit, said, “The win comes off the back of a series of successful projects already completed with this client and also a lot of projects ongoing together with them at the time. The AOGV for this project will be designed, built, tested and field executed within 8 weeks from received contract ”

Works for this project will commence the first quarter of 2022.

Isolate process segments without a shutdown for inspection and maintenance. The AOGV mechanical isolation tool is a “gate valve” that mounts over any flange and can provide a zero-energy zone where inspection and maintenance work can be performed safely and efficiently while maintaining continuous uptime.


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