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IK-Group AS has acquired Balteer Sp. z.o.o, an engineering company in Gdańsk Poland. With its specialized mechanical engineers as well as in-depth knowledge of the Polish manufacturing industry, Balteer will contribute to IK-Group deliveries from day one.

Managing Director of the now named IK-Group Poland, Marek Lipski, said “I am very happy to be a part of the IK family.  Our role going forward will be specialized engineering, supply chain management and quality control for IK-Group. In addition to this, we will invest in facilities for part assembly and testing in Q4 2022.  Everyone is hugely excited about the next 12 months and beyond!”

As demand for engineering services is very high, especially from the oil and gas industry, IK-Group Poland will continue to grow its engineering, supply chain and quality control capacity to meet demand outside IK-Group during 2022/23.

For questions regarding the transaction please contact:

Marek Lipski, Managing Director IK-Group Poland.           
Phone:  +47 479 78 566 / +48 692 730 509


Geir Molberg, CFO IK-Group AS 

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