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IK Okt20 1190 kopi

IK-Group are pleased to announce the first awarded contract in the Caribbean, using IK’s patented AOGV Mechanical Isolation Tool.  This assignment will be completed at an LNG plant in Point Fortin, Trinidad & Tobago during the next 4-6 months and will be accomplished using a 4” 600# AOGV to isolate on a boiler feed water system. 

Kenneth Låtveit, IK-Groups AOGV Business Development & Sales Manager comments "We are delighted to book this first job in Trinidad & Tobago and as we have been specifically targeting the LNG sector and this specific LNG plant for over a year, we are very pleased to receive this contract”

If you would like more information, please get in touch with Kenneth Låtveit directly. 

Isolate process segments without a shutdown for inspection and maintenance. The AOGV mechanical isolation tool is a “gate valve” that mounts over any flange and can provide a zero-energy zone where inspection and maintenance work can be performed safely and efficiently while maintaining continuous uptime.

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