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Adrian Gamman

COO / VP Subsea

IK-Subsea is an engineering solutions provider that specialises in repair and maintenance of pipeline and production systems. Our technology helps our clients to maximise their production efficiency across the lifetime of their assets. We bring Brilliant Engineering to life.

To solve subsea asset integrity problems, we look at the larger picture.

To deliver the optimal solution to a specific challenge, we manage risk in a controlled manner, because we know how to. 

Innovative know how does not mean reinventing the wheel every time our customers face a problem. It means refining well proven technology and solutions – and add another turn to our product development. 

IK-Norway Subsea – Innovate Know How Down Below 

When we say know how we mean it. IK-Norway Subsea has over 30 years of experience delivering practical solutions and proven technology, restoring asset integrity and keeping pipes and pipelines flowing. 

Fast Track Mindset 

Reducing costly subsea operations with innovative alternatives and surgical precision. Big enough for the big challenges but small enough to be agile. 

IK-Subsea Products and Services - Life of Field


IK Subsea has a long-established track record of working with clients during the installation phase of offshore projects. From tie-in solutions to pipeline handling equipment, we have the technology to bring your project onstream.

  • Tie-In Tool
  • PLR
  • Flexible Lifting Tool
  • Lifting & Handling Clamp
  • Pipeline Recovery Tool
  • Subsea Connectors



Late Life Extension

Maximising efficient recovery of hydrocarbons often requires subsea assets to produce beyond their initial design life. IK-Subsea has the experience and know-how to ensure your infrastructure remains operational through to cease of production.

  • Tailored asset integrity solutions
  • Custom Clamps
  • Protection & Reinforcement Structures
  • Subsea Grouting Equipment
  • Anode Banks / Clamps
  • Subsea Drilling Tools

Engineering Services

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Concept Select
  • FEED
  • Detailed Design
  • Manufacturing & Project Management

Repair & Maintenance

Asset Integrity is the core of our expertise, our goal is to ensure your production potential is maximised. We have a suite of technology available for sale or rental to address repair and maintenance work scopes.

  • Compact Sealing Clamp
  • Compact Integrity Clamp
  • Bolted Clamps
  • Modular EPRS
  • Coating Removal Tool
  • Epoxy Injection Repair Clamp
  • Subsea Grouting Equipment
  • Subsea Plugs & Caps
  • Bolt Removal Tool
  • Pipeline Isolation Services
  • Subsea Hot-Tapping


IK-Subsea has developed a suite of products to deliver success in safely removing your subsea infrastructure with minimal environmental impact.

  • Subsea Cutting Equipment
  • Flexible Lifting Tool
  • Pipeline Recovery Tool
  • Subsea Plugs & Caps
  • Subsea Recovery Tools
  • ROV Workover Control System


Bespoke Projects

Leveraging our 30+ years of experience, IK-Subsea are often called upon to solve the unsolvable. Time and time again we have worked with clients across the globe to deliver solutions to the most complex of challenges. Do you have a complex problem to discuss, get in touch and let us showcase our Brilliant Engineering.