AOGV ™ – Add On Gate Valve


Isolation without shut down
The AOGV – Add On Gate Valve, is a field proven patented technology which inserts an isolation spade on a live flanged connection thereby reducing down time and eliminating the need for extensive isolation activities.

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Isolation activities and process segregation in plants is necessary to create a safe barrier for intrusive maintenance:

  • Drainage (down time, large volumes)
  • Venting (down time, HSE)
  • Purging (down time, cost of inert Gas)
  • Flushing (down time, high volume treatment)
  • Recommissioning and start up

Following completion of the isolation operation the AOGV is removed and the flange couple is recommissioned to its original state.
The AOGV enables safe isolation and segregation of the process system and reduces the volume for cleaning, thereby saving volume of cleaning fluids used, time and cost.
Oil platforms and refineries and chemical processing plants are characterised by long lengths of connecting pipework and vessels containing large volumes. The contents are often hazardous substances, which may be flammable or toxic and are often at high temperatures or pressures. Any intrusive activity could allow the escape of hazardous substances. The implementation of adequate isolation practices is critical to avoiding loss of containment.
The AOGV™ is a proprietary technology which can be installed at strategic locations and significantly reduces the need for drainage, venting purging and flushing by segregating the process system and increasing plant up time.

Pipe Intervention
We perform corrective maintenance on live process systems and facilitate the replacement of valves and repair of piping and flanges. It starts with a study through which we enable the client to make qualified decisions regarding feasibility of repair methods. Our aim is to perform essential maintenance during live operations.

The goal of Pipe Intervention is that fields, installations and facilities in a late-life phase are operated safely. Services include: Special Repair Clamps, Hot Tapping, Freeze Plugs and Hot Plugs.

Valve isolation methods of direct valve intervention. Repair valves without shutting down the system.

The equipment is designed for pressure according to PED / EN 13445 and the hot tapping according to API RP2210.

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Kjetil Aamodt: Principal Engineer AOGV & Pipe Intervention - IK Norway
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