8. November 2020

AOGV Webinar Series (Winter 2020) – We’ll Save You Money On Your Next Scheduled Shutdown!

With the current Covid-19 restrictions significantly impacting events and meetings, the AOGV department are hosting a series of webinars to bring you more in depth information about their class-leading live isolation tool.

Want to know what all the noise is about? We continue our look at the AOGV on Friday 4th December 2020 at 1pm GMT / 2pm CET as Senior AOGV Project Manager Kenneth O. Rosén and AOGV Inventor Kjetil Aamodt discuss field development in relation to tie ins and decommissioning. Details of the series can be found below:


Webinar 1 – 6/11/20 Topic: Live System Maintenance and Repair – CATCH UP HERE –> WEBINAR REPLAY
Webinar 2 – 20/11/20 Topic: Reduced Shut Down (Isolation of: Heating / cooling medium, process system segregation, main process) – CATCH UP HERE –> WEBINAR REPLAY
Webinar 3 – 4/12/20 Topic: Field development (Tie in / Decom)
Webinar 4 – 18/12/20 Topic: AOGV for nerds!

To register for the remaining webinars, please go to the following link –> https://event.webinarjam.com/register/15/68pgwt4

Adrian Gamman Subsea Manager IK