2. July 2015

IK-Group/Online Electronics: Speaker at Aberdeen-Stavanger Gateway 2015

IK-Group/Online Electronics are delighted to be a speaker at the Aberdeen-Stavanger Gateway 2015 taking place on 2 June at the Norwood Hall, Aberdeen.

Vice President, John Gotrik, will be making a presentation entitled ‘Collaboration: Now’, which in keeps with the theme of the event: “Collaborating for Success – The Next Chapter”.  Joining us on the day will be the main speaker at the event, Statoil’s Head of Communications in Aberdeen, Ola Morten Aanestad; Roy Espeland, Country Manager for Norway, Stork Technical Services; and Professor Charles Skene, Founder and Chairman of Skene Group.  John will join the speakers on the panel for a Question and Answer session after the presentations have taken place.

IK-Group are happy to be involved in this very important event which encourages beneficial relationships and growth between the two Energy hubs and we look forward to sharing our positive message following our recent acquisition of Online Electronics.