15. January 2014

Loading System Removal and Replacement at Gullfaks

Technip is contracted by Statoil to perform topside preparations, subsea works by ROV and Saturation Divers and towing works related to the SPM (Single Point Mooring / Loading Buoy) removal and OLS installation operations for the Gullfaks Future Oil Export (GFO) Project.
The work includes removal and replacement of both of SPM 1 and SPM 2 at the Gullfaks field.

IK will deliver a Subsea tension system for the removal of two SPM’s in a safely and controlled manner subsea with use of divers and WROVs in order to conduct the planned SPM removal operations.

The tensioner system includes two large ROV operated cylinders that will pull the SPM down allowing for the buoy to be released from the foundation, and after that, carefully pay out in order to make the buoy rise in the water until it freely floats and are ready for tow to the final decommission site.