1. July 2014

Video about Subsea Clamp on Brage

In July the Upper Support Clamp was successfully installed. Axess has installed the Caisson.

We faced a significant challenge with the lifting clamps, which the team here at IK solved with an impressing quality and speed. The new clamp was designed, produced and tested in 8 days!

The new Upper Lifting Clamp together with the modified Subsea Lifting Clamp was used during the installation of the Caisson.

The operations that remain for the IK team on Brage now is the lowering of the Centralizer into the Subsea Clamp, run the torque tools to fasten the Centralizer and then finally run the torque tools for fastening the Subsea Clamp to the Bracings. After this it is the removal of the tools and demobilization.