10” Flushing Plug

The 10” flushing cap is based on a concept that are used on hubs and flange ends when then internal ID of the hub or pipe is precisely defined with defined dimensions and tolerances.

This type of plug cannot be used for standard API pipes / pipelines where significant tolerances on ID, wall thickness and ovality have to be included. (for those applications compression packer plugs have to be employed )

General technical description – ROV operated Cap

  • The Plug has an internal body ( PP or PE ) that interfaces towards the inner diameter of the hub, by two soft O-rings
  • The plug is equipped with 2” or 1,5” relief valve for pressure equalizing, installed within the plug body
  • The plug is equipped with an ROV handle that is welded onto the 2” core pipe connecting the check valve and the plug body
  • The plug is mechanically secured by the horse shoe clamp connecting the plug flange and the hub flange.

Technical specification 10” Plug:

  • ID hub bore: 256 mm ( estimated )
  • Hard OD Plug: 252 mm   ( estimated )
  • Plug length: approx. 450 mm
  • Holding pressure: 5,0 bar
  • Test pressure: 7,5 bar
  • Release port: 1,5” to 2” Relief valve
  • Design life: 3 months
  • Plug dry weight: Appr 25kg
  • Plug submerged weight: Appr 13kg
  • Plug material: Carbon Steel / PP / PE
  • Plug sealing: O-rings
  • Plug physical support: Horse Shoe Clamp device
  • Plugs according to: TR1231 v4.01 ( where relevant )

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