Bi-directional Brush Pigs

Designed to remove debris and deposits from the pipeline, IK’s range of Bi-directional brush pigs offer excellent cleaning qualities.

The range is comprehensive 2” through to 60”, with a variety of body constructions available. In sizes 2” up to 14” a spindle (bolt) body can be offered or alternatively the complete range up to 60” can be supplied as a multi bolt design.

The standard model is supplied with six polyurethane discs: two support/guide discs which assist loading and centralization in the pipeline, four sealing discs which seal/drive and two circular brushes which scrape.

All brush pigs are supplied with by-pass ports which allows removed debris to be flushed clear of the discs and brushes.

The pigs as standard are supplied withcarbon steel wire bristle with a stainless steel option. For pipelines with internal coatings we can offer polypropylene or nylon bristles. Other design options include the attachment of magnets (for debris collection). Extra sealing and guide discs can be added if the pig is to be used over long distance (150km) or the pipeline conditions are particularly arduous.

All IK’s pigs are supplied with polyurethane bumper noses as standard.
As standard all IK’s pigs are designed to pass minimum 3D radius bends and negotiate full bore branches.
All multi bolt pig body assemblies are welded to code standard BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004+A1:2008.
NDT testing (MPI) of the welds can be performed if requested.

Contact for this product is:

Brian McGillivray: Pigging Products & Services Manager - IK Norway
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