Foam pigs

IK is a leading foam pig manufacturer in Europe, from our UK facility we are able to manufacture over 30 different styles of foam pig with sizes ranging from ½” to 64”:

  • Low density: 24 – 32 kg/m³
  • Medium density: 80 – 112 kg/m³
  • High density: 128 – 160 kg/m³

Foam are versatile, flexible and often suited to pipeline systems where pigging has not taken place before. Foam pigs can perform excellent on bore restrictions and significant changes in pipe ID.

Made of lightweight open-cell polyurethane foam, foam pigs can be coated with polyurethane for more durability and can incorporates with anything from silicon carbide grit, nylon bristle, steel wire brushes to metal studs for heavy-duty cleaning. All our pigs can be adapted to include gauge plates, transmitter housing, magnets or manufactured to be extra long, bi-directional.

Mill scale, pipeline corrosion, even rock-hard mineral deposits are no match for rugged IK polyurethane foam pig cleaners equipped with silicon carbide straps or flame–hardened wire brushes. Made from tough polyurethane foam, Medium density (80-112kg/m³) feature a hard polyurethane crisscross pattern with spirally applied silicon carbide straps. Use this type for removing hard deposits in all pipe sizes over medium length runs. High density (128–160kg/m³) crisscross silicon carbide and wire brush IK polyurethane foam pigs are recommended for longer runs, multiple turns and tough cleaning action.

Medium density or High density crisscross IK polyurethane foam pigs feature hard polyurethane bands spirally applied on tough polyurethane foam cores. Density ranges are 80-112kg/m³ (Blue) and 128–160kg/m³ (Dark Red). Both types easily turn 90° bends, cross tees and slip through valves. Medium or High density crisscross is ideal for new construction and on-stream cleaning. High density crisscross models are recommended for extra cleaning or wiping on long pipeline runs.

When pipeline maintenance calls for mild scraping, final drying or water removal after hydrostatic testing, select a Low, Medium or High density bare polyurethane foam pig. IK bare polyurethane foam pigs are made of durable, resilience flexible polyurethane foam ranging in density from 24 to 160 kg/m³. IK polyurethane foam pigs resist mild acids, caustic solutions and hydrocarbons. Low density polyurethane foam pigs are cylindrical with a chamfered nose and rear polyurethane seal. Medium and High density models are cylindrical with a bullet nose and dished end.

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