High pressure gas test system for workshops

Testing objects using gas pressure becomes easy and efficient with the HBU test system developed by Resato. The HBU is a similar solution to the HPU, but rather than testing with hydraulic pressure, the HBU uses its air-driven gas booster series pressure to test objects.

Just like the HPU, the HBU has a solid workshop design that is easily integrated into production processes. This contributes to the turnaround of testing and helps to accelerate operational processes.

To further increase efficiency, the HBU system can also be equipped with an automatic operating system, rather than the standard manual operation. To create a fully automated pressure cycle, the optional process controller with a touchscreen panel can be installed.

Benefits of the HBU test system include:

  • Used for gas pressurization
  • Suitable for various gases
  • Robust modular design with various options
  • Easy to integrate into your existing production process
  • Panel mounted features and gauges

Ergonomic and modular design


In addition to increasing efficiency, the HBU also contributes to a healthy and safe work environment with its ergonomic operating panel. Its panel-mounted features include pump and valve control and pressure registration devices. To further simplify operation, the operating panel can be color-engraved to include flowchart and operating instructions.

The modular design of the HBU enables easy adaptation to your specific requirements, making it a versatile system used to test objects, for instance by including a combined system of air driven pumps and gas boosters. Test performance can be further increased by implementing single or dual-acting, and dual or triple stage gas boosters.

For system flow performance requirements that are even higher, the fully automated hydraulic Resato HDB-CC series answers your needs for your high flow / high pressure gas applications.

Technical specifications

  • Max. operating pressure: 1,400 bar / 20,000 psi
  • Max. flow: 1,600 Nl/min
  • Max. air drive pressure: 7 bar / 100 psi
  • Materials: All main pump components such as high pressure valves, fittings, and medium contact elements are made from corrosion resistant high tensile strength stainless steel alloys.

Contact for this product is:

Tore Gjøse: Torque & Pressure Technology Manager - IK Norway
T: +47 51 44 67 17     eMail: post@ik-worldwide.com

Bjørn Larsen: Project manager/sales Torque & Pressure Technology - IK Norway
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