Hot Bolt Emergency

Product specification:

  • Mod: Custom made after spec
  • Size: 1-14”
  • Class: 150 lbs RF
  • Bolts: After spec
  • Max pressure: 19,2 bar

NB: Only to be hired with authorized personel Emergency clam are used on flange connec-tions where you can get leakage and the sys-tem can not be shut down. All clams are calculated and custom made for each projejct to maintain absolute safe exe-cution of the bolt replacement. The leak clam can also be used on flange con-nections where leaks are detected and seals can not be changed before next shut down pe-riode.

Contact for this product is:

Tore Gjøse: Torque & Pressure Technology Manager - IK Norway
T: +47 51 44 67 17     eMail: