Hot Tap and Stopple

Proven service used for installation of branches or for isolation of live systems


  • Pipe dimensions from 1” to 36”
  • High pressure applications up to 150 bar
  • Provision of full Hot-tap service with specialized operators
  • Hydraulic and electric machines ATEX/PED
  • Standard or custom build Tee welded or bolted in accordance with ASME / PED
  • Stopling track record 1″ to 18″ up to 100 bar. Custom supplies outside this range.
  • Hot tapping in high alloy steels
  • Risk handling: planning, control of swarf, coupon, pressure control

Contact for this product is:

Kenneth Olaf Rosén: Senior Project Manager AOGV - IK Norway
T: +47 992 79 828     eMail:

Kjetil Aamodt: Principal Engineer AOGV & Pipe Intervention - IK Norway
T: +47 948 06 755     eMail: