Hydrostatic Testing

  • Product: Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Kit
  • Pipe Schedule: N/A
  • ANSI Rating: 150# – 2500# (higher on request)
  • Size Range: N/A

IK-Norway’s Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Kit has been put together to comply with all of IK’s localised pressure testing tools, but it is also suited for spool/full scale testing. Instructions & hydrostatic test certificates are Included. Everything is practically placed in an aluminium case pallet. It also saves you the cost of hiring or purchasing several separate components to perform localised pressure testing on new or existing welded flanges and other components.

General Function and Application

• Electronic Fuji MicroJet PHC6 recorder
• Pressure transmitters, range 0 – 1000bar
• Thermal element for temperature logging
• 4-ported manifold, 30K
• Pressure gauges to comply with the transmitter ranges
• Various lengths of high pressure hoses
• 3pcs, pressure test pumps, range 0 – 700bar
• Selection of connection & interfacing couplings
• Miscellaneous consumables; extra paper for Fuji, ink cartridge for Fuji

IK have a range of Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Kits available for hire.

Contact for this product is:

Peter Bjørnsen: Field Service Manager - IK Norway
T: +47 51 44 32 09     eMail: post@ik-worldwide.com