Inflatable Back-gas equipment

Purge your tube and pipe welds the ‘Elite’ way

Using real scientific breakthrough technology, Argweld® PurgElite® Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems introduces to the market place for the first time a ‘New’ 1 inch (25 mm) System for small diameter tubes and pipes. Another great innovation to help tube and pipe welders save time, money, gas and achieve better welds. The volume to purge is kept small, resulting in savings in both time and cost of inert gas used. Suitable for high quality pristine tube and pipe weld purging, 1 to 12″ (25 to 300 mm) diameters.

Make money while you Purge!

Save $2000.00 on every 60″ weld. Purge a 60″ (1500 mm) in just 8 minutes. Purge a 36″ pipe in 6 minutes, a 30″ pipe in 5 minutes and so on. Real data by real customers like Bechtel, Ledwood Construction, Kellogg Brown and Root and many more. Argweld® Quick Purge® Pipeline Purging and Pipe Weld Purge Systems are inflatable, very lightweight, quick and easy to use compared with mechanical systems. Suitable for LNG construction and any other stainless steel/duplex fabrications. Using space age technology in this innovative design to save you vast amounts of money and Purge Fast!

For Easy, Fast Purging of Pre-Heated Pipework in Sizes 6 to 46″ (150 to 1150 mm)

The Argweld® Heat Resistant Inflatable Pipe Weld Purging Systems are heat resistant up to 300ºC (572ºF) for 24 hours.
Available for all pipe diameters from 6 to 46″ (150 to 1150 mm).
Argweld® Heat Resistant Pipe Weld Purge Systems allow you to purge your pre-heated pipework with ease.
These high quality manufactured heat protected systems are suitable for the welding of pre-heated pipework, such as chrome steels, typically P91, CMV etc.
Argweld® Heat Resistant Inflatable Pipe Weld Purging Systems come with a central band for easy positioning inside the pipe.

The welder can position these systems prior to pre-heating and leave them in place throughout the pre-heating, welding and post-heat treatment cycles, allowing the weld to be purged continuously for up to 24 hours. These unique systems are the only heat resistant product of this kind.

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