Pig refurbishment and spares

IK offers a comprehensive range of replacement spare parts for pigs:

  • Sealing discs
  • Guide discs
  • Cleaning brushes (both circular and spring mounted)
  • Magnet boxes
  • Aluminum gauge plates (slotted or standard)
  • Cups (conical or standard)
  • Bumper noses
  • Spacer discs

Our replacement cup and discs have been used for many years in a wide range of pigging operations. They can be made to all types of pipeline pigs and can be manufactured to suit any internal diameter. Bolt holes and centre holes can be manufactured to meet client requirements.

In addition to the supply of spare parts, IK can rebuild or refurbish all types of pipeline pigs at our workshop in Stavanger, Norway or Newton Aycliff, United Kingdom.

IK is also assists with pigging operations and storage of all types of pigs.

Contact for this product is:

Brian McGillivray: Pigging Products & Services Manager - IK Norway
T: +47 51 44 32 00     eMail: