Plug, Tethered, Tractor

IK design and deliver pipe isolation plugs for remote operation and setting. IK apply several methods for setting the plugs, electrical operated, hydraulic operated or mechanical operated. The plugs to be deployed and recovered by alternative methods as, pigging, mechanical pushing ( coiled tubing ) or by use of tractor. The plugs are not off the shelf products but tailor made for the client project specifications.

  • Function: Isolating pipes, risers, pipelines
  • Dimensions: Typical 2” to 36” ( client specified )
  • Pressure rating: Typical 0 bar to 200 bar
  • Setting: Hydraulic, Electrical or Mechanical
  • Safety: Fail Safe Mechanical Slips System
  • Barriers: Single or double with test ports
  • Setting range / distance: Typical 0 meter to 100 meter
  • Control and Monitoring: Electrical / Camera / Hydraulic / Mechanical Electrical cable, hydraulic lines or mechanical
  • Pipe material: Steel, Titanium, Composite and Concrete
  • Pipe media: Hydrocarbons, Gas, Water….etc

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