8” Buckle Reinforcement Clamp

The structural clamp is a split clamp that is closed around the damaged location and then bolted together.

  • The clamp will be fabricated with a geometry to suit the pipe as found and surveyed.
  • The repair clamp includes two halves that are hinged together at the top. The hinges are for installation proposes and will not be subjected to structural load in operation.
  • The two clamp halves have setting rings, slips and soft packers as half rings inside the body, at both ends.
  • The clamp has tension bolts at both ends which are torqued up to the pre-determined load level, setting the slips and fixing the clamp onto the pipe.
  • Soft radial seals are compressed by split actuator rings at each end of the clamp which combines with the clamp half face seals to contain any leakage into the clamp annulus.
  • The structural loads are transferred through the body of the clamp from the slips. The clamp will transfer both compression and tension through the body.

Technical data (preliminary)

  • Clamp weight: approx. 1750 kg
  • Clamp length, total: approx. 1500 mm
  • Clamp “OD”: approx. 550 mm
  • Load capacity: As required
  • Setting Bolts: 1 ¼”
  • Sealing Material, pipe interface: HNBR / PUR
  • Clamp material: S460 / S355
  • Slips material: Weldox 700
  • Installation: By diver
  • Clamp life time: TBD

Contact for this product is:

Pål Angell Bergh: Department Manager SubSea - IK Norway
T: +47 51 44 67 18     eMail: