Resato-WIT Skid

Versatile, compact and self-supporting

Our compact, self-supporting Resato Wit-Skid helps Wells Operating and Service Companies to perform well integrity testing and services on all high pressure wells and its components. The versatile unit is capable of pumping up to 15.000 psi, and has a maximum flow rate of 10 gpm and increases testing versatility with two 3 barrel water-based fluid tanks and a 1 barrel oil tank, and reduces hazardous risks and improves ergonomics with storage space for grease and sealant pumps, storage ladders, scaffolding, spare parts, and other tools.

With its relatively low weight, the Resato-Wit Skid can be easily lifted onto a platform with i.e. a well intervention-vessel. The unit has a small footprint and can be placed at a safe location to reach the wellheads and X-mas trees.

  • Resato-WIT Skid size: 62.5″ x 96″ x 96″ per module
  • Can pump up to 15.000 psi and a maximum flow rate of 10 gpm
  • Relatively low weight of ±2,500 kg per module
  • 20m to 40m reeled, water-based fluid, hydraulic oil and air hoses

The heart of the unit

The Resato-WIT Skid is used in the energy industry for hydraulic pressure testing of tubular, annuli, valves, and wellhead equipment to equalize pressures, flush valves, pump chemicals, and more. It is also suitable for the supply of hydraulic power to operate cylinders, actuators, presses, rams, jacks, hydraulic bolting systems and air tools.

The heart of the unit are the Resato air-driven pumps with its unique design. It makes the pump reliable and very easy to maintain. One important advantage of the modern pump design is that the high pressure seals can be replaced without disassembling the complete pump.


Pump unit separately available

Item Specification
Outlet Pressure Range1,000 - 15,000 psi
Capacity Range4 - 40 LPM / 1 - 10 GPM
Max. Capacity40LPM @ 1,000 psi / 10 GPM @ 1,000 psi
Inlet pressure 7 bar
MaterialsAll main components e.g. high pressure valves, fittings and wetted parts of the pump are made of corrosion resistant high tensile strength stainless steel alloys.
Complying StandardsATEX Zone 2, CE, DNV certified, M1-AMA-size
MediumsWater Water glycole mixtures KCL Hydraulic oil Foam

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