ROV operated Pipe Circle Saw

IK’s ROV operated Hydraulic Pipe Circle Saw is an easy tool to install and operate; cutting is achieved by holding the saw centre to the pipe, activating the locking arm to secure and align the pipe, and activating the saw. The IK Pipe Circle Saw allows for precision cutting of ¼” to 1″ pipes. The unit is supplied complete with hoses and manipulator handle ready for installation to the host ROV

Technical specification 

  • Dimension: 1/4” – 1” Piping or similar
  • Function: Pipe is held by one hydraulic locking arm. Circle saw is activated
  • Water depth: 0 – 3000 meter
  • Weight: Dry weight, 17 kg
  • Operation: Hydraulic supply from ROV / Surface
  • Material: Hardened circle saw blade – Aluminium body

Contact for this product is:

Peter Bjørnsen: Field Service Manager - IK Norway
T: +47 51 44 32 09     eMail: