ROV operated SubSea Torque Spinning Wrench

  • ROV operated spinning tool for all kinds of subsea bolting operations.
  • No pressure compensation needed on gir box
  • Torque from 0 up to 20 000 Nm depending on the torque tool design
  • Custom made ROV handle  Delivered with or without hydraulic engine

Additional accessories:

  • Hydraulic topside pump HPU
  • Subsea hoses
  • Fitting connections
  • Reaction arm
  • ROV custom made handle
  • ROV stab and receptacles for connections

Available as a complete set with all standard accessories, or tools can be customized to your needs.

Contact for this product is:

Tore Gjøse: Torque & Pressure Technology Manager - IK Norway
T: +47 51 44 67 17     eMail: