RTC 1500 – Pallet loading test cabinet

The RTC 1500 is a robust pressure test cabinet for hoses and large objects that is ideal for hose manufacturers and assemblers to perform hydrostatic pressure and cycle tests. To save time, the cover is pneumatically operated and to guarantee safety needs to be opened by a two-hand operation. With its spacious design, hoses can be loaded into the cabinet on pallets reducing loading time significantly. In combination with a hydraulic pressure test system (e.g. Resato HPU), the RTC 1500 becomes a reliable pressure test bench for hoses and large objects. The Resato HPUs are designed to deliver constant pressure to the hose test bench.

Benefits & Features

  • To prevent operator hazards, an air-operated locking mechanism is integrated into the test cabinet.
  • To avoid dangerous situations, the cabinet can only be pressurized when the cover is closed.
  • To perform visual inspection of the hose during testing, the cover is designed with a see-through impact resistant material.
  • Two-hand operation is required when opening the cover to improve safety during operation.
  • For de-airing of test objects, high pressure feed and return connections are available at the unit.
  • The grid floor inside the cabinet ensures clean positioning of object and simplifies object draining after the testing cycle.
  • Visual de-air indication is installed to verify that the test object is properly de-aired without opening the cover.
  • The spacious cover and cabinet ensure easy loading of test compartment with large objects (e.g. pallets) by forklift which reduces time and manual labor.
  • To reduce overall testing time, the system can be equipped with pre-fill by-pass functionality for quick filling of objects.
  • To improve the durability of the test bench, all wet parts are from non-corrosive material to avoid corrosion and pollution.

Application Areas

  • Hydrostatic pressure testing on hoses and large objects
  • Cycle testing on hoses and large objects
  • Series testing on hoses and large objects
  • Leak testing on hoses and large objects
  • Pressure testing of PVC hoses, rubber hoses, and more


  • High setup with frame
  • Low setup with pallet ramp
  • Pre-fill skid to put under RTC1500
  • Multiple test lines
  • Pre-fill by-pass functionality for quick filling of objects
  • Blow through function to empty object

Contact for this product is:

Tore Gjøse: Torque & Pressure Technology Manager - IK Norway
T: +47 51 44 67 17     eMail: post@ik-worldwide.com

Bjørn Larsen: Project manager/sales Torque & Pressure Technology - IK Norway
T: +47 51 44 32 00     eMail: post@ik-worldwide.com