Skadiplug ™ – Ice plug

The SkadiPlug ™ is based on the proven ice plug isolation technology, using two plugs for double barrier with intermittent bleed / monitoring control for high pressure applications.

Remote operated plug system using ice plugs.


Reducing down time and eliminating the need for extensive isolation activities as:

  • Drainage
  • Venting
  • Purging
  • Flushing
  • Recommissioning

SkadiPlug™ – Benefits


Reduced site intervention and cost

  • Isolation on live systems
  • No change to existing systems

Cost effective

  • Up to 30% less expensive

Double barrier and monitoring

  • Continuously pressure monitoring

High pressure

  • Tested to 200 bar on 40”
  • High pressure & low wall thickness

Can not get stuck

  • Can negotiate ID reductions
  • No mechanical teeth
  • High piggability

Combines robust proven technology

  • Non-intrusive, tether less, remote monitoring and control
  • Tested up to 40” and 200 bars.
  • Double Block and Bleed barrier with constant monitoring of T & P.
  • Two ice plugs, 2 – 4 high friction pigs and monitoring system to establish barriers.
  • Cost efficient and robust (relative to alternative technologies).
  • Qualified for Petronas, tested in 35ºC atmosphere
  • Patented

Contact for this product is:

Kenneth Olaf Rosén: Senior Project Manager AOGV - IK Norway
T: +47 992 79 828     eMail:

Kjetil Aamodt: Principal Engineer AOGV & Pipe Intervention - IK Norway
T: +47 948 06 755     eMail: