Tank Nozzle Joint/Weld Tester

Pipe Schedule: VARIOUS
Size Range: 6” through 24” (Larger sizes on request)

IK’s Tank Nozzle Testers reduce the cost by carrying out localised pressure testing on new
and existing branch outlet flanges and pipe components for hydrostatic test

Each test utilises a minimum amount of water.

The body is manufactured from high grade carbon steel.

The seals are manufactured from high performance polyurethane elastomer.

General Function and Application


  • Tools capable of carrying out horizontal, vertical and inclined applications.
  • Non-standard sizes available – please request Information.
  • No special tools required.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Manual or hydraulic actuation.
  • Suitable for use with most test mediums.
  • Can be used in a range of pipe schedules.
  • Instructions and hydrostatic test test certificates supplied.

Contact for this product is:

Peter Bjørnsen: Field Service Manager - IK Norway
T: +47 51 44 32 09     eMail: post@ik-worldwide.com