Test Plugs

Pipe Schedule: VARIOUS
Size Range: 4” through 36” (Larger sizes on request)

IK-UK’s Medium Pressure Pipe Plugs features the proven principle of the inflatable polyurethane tyre. Larger diameter plugs have the multi-tyre design – independent inflation systems.

The seals are manufactured from high performance polyurethane elastomer.
The body is manufactured from high grade carbon steel.

General Function and Application

  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Non-standard sizes and pressures are available
  • Recommended for medium pressure hydrostatic test applications up to 10 bar (size dependent).
  • Proven polyurethane inflatable tyres.
  • Available for horizontal or vertical applications
  • Tyres can be filled and pressurised using water or glycol/water mix.

Contact for this product is:

Peter Bjørnsen: Field Service Manager - IK Norway
T: +47 51 44 32 09     eMail: post@ik-worldwide.com