Workshop test cabinet

The RTC is the ideal solution for testing objects in your workshop both quickly and easily, while maintaining increased safety conditions. This single workshop test cabinet can be combined with an HPU high pressure unit to carry out complete pressure tests.

Combining these two systems offers the advantage of being able to, for instance, place the test cabinet in another room in your workshop while testing. As a result, the operator can control and monitor the test from a distance, which increases safety.

The cabinet itself is equipped with several safety features. The cover entirely consists of an impact resistant window that automatically locks when the unit is pressurized. An additional alarm light that clearly indicates the pressurization status of the system can also be installed.

Benefits of the RTC include:

  • High pressure workshop test cabinet
  • Spacious test compartment
  • Compatible with the HPU and HBU pressure test systems
  • Quick and easy testing

In addition to offering several safety features, the RTC test cabinet also offers a quick and easy way of testing objects. Its spacious test compartment is made from stainless steel and enables the testing of coiled hoses.

This system can be equipped with a Resato high pressure pump, which automatically stops increasing the pressure when the configured pressure level is reached. Not only does this speed up your testing process, it also saves energy. These pumps already produce the lowest noise levels in the industry, while the fully enclosed test cabined further minimizes noise levels during operation.

Contact for this product is:

Tore Gjøse: Torque & Pressure Technology Manager - IK Norway
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Bjørn Larsen: Project manager/sales Torque & Pressure Technology - IK Norway
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