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8" Repair Clamp


8" Repair Clamp


August 2018


Offshore / Denmark

Project Manager:

Adrian Gamman

Project Description

IK-Group performed a project supplying a repair clamp for an 8” pipeline. The main objective and structural integrity of the clamp was to physically lock the clamp and pipeline together thereafter securing the long-term sealing function. Any further movements of the pipeline at the bend location will not introduce any deformation/movements at the sealing locations.

Operational Parameters

  • Size: 8"
  • Design pressure: 99 bar
  • Strength test pressure: 142 bar
  • Leak test pressure: 109 bar
  • Packer (seal): elastomer/HNBR
  • Medium: sweet gas (pipeline)
  • Water depth: 40m
  • Temperature: 4°C to 50°C (Pipeline)
  • Installation method: diver
  • Design life: 25 years

Delivery - 8 weeks

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