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N2 Leak Test & Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Gas Injection Riser ESV


Field Service





Project Manager:

Peter Bjørnsen

This project was based on the supply of suitable weld isolation and hydrostatic/ N2 pressure testing equipment for the planned operation on the 12" "Skarv" gas injection riser. For weld isolation purposes a Twin Tyre Flexible Plug was used. This tool can navigate through bends and has a Double Block and Bleed (DB&B) function for hydrocarbon system requirements.

A specially designed IJT was manufactured to perform local leak test and verify not only the ESV flanged connection but the complete ESV, after the repair of the flange face. This solution is a much safer and more efficient method of leak/pressure testing than full scale leak testing of the entire riser section which would entail an extremely large volume of N2 gas at a pressure of 460bar.g. decreasing substantially the operation risk.

For testing the FW of the new welded Flange, a shorter IJT with the same design concept was manufactured for the required 628,5 bar.g hydrostatic pressure test.


A high focus fast track campaign for both client and IK-Norway.

This was a risk mitigation compilation of both customized designed testing equipment and solutions. The result being a highly efficient offshore operation, successfully performed by IK-Norway.

Peter Bjørnsen

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