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Scissor Patch Clamp


Scissor Patch Clamp


August 2018


Offshore / UK

Project Description

IK-Group delivered a job for a solution by performing a project to design and manufacture 2 off repair clamps for sealing the leakage on a water
injection flowmeter spool. The tool was designed for easy and reliable installation and operation, located at a difficult and hard to access location.

Operational Parameters

  • Size: 400m
  • Design pressure: 323 bar
  • Test pressure: 356 bar
  • Operating pressure: 265bar
  • Depth: 400m
  • Installation method: ROV-installable
  • Design life: 17 years


Number of clamps installed:

  • 2x scissor patch clamps
  • 1x hydraulic torque tool
  • 2x off clip-on installation guides


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