27 October 2022 IK Engineering

IK Group AS Acquires Balteer Sp. z.o.o and Renames to IK Engineering

In a strategic move, IK Group AS has successfully acquired Balteer Sp. z.o.o, an esteemed engineering company based in Gdańsk, Poland. This acquisition marks a significant expansion for IK Group, leveraging the specialized expertise of Balteer’s mechanical engineers and their profound understanding of the Polish manufacturing landscape.

Under its new identity as IK Enginnering, the company is poised to play a pivotal role in IK Group’s operations from its inception. Marek Lipski, the Managing Director of IK Engineering, stats, “I am thrilled to join the IK Group family. Our focus moving forward will encompass specialized engineering, meticulous supply chain management, and stringent quality control measures for IK Group. Furthermore, we are committed to investing in state-of-the-art facilities for part assembly and testing by Q4 2022. The enthusiasm within our team for the coming 12 months and beyond is palpable!”

With the burgeoning demand for engineering services, particularly within the oil and gas sector, IK Engineering is set to expand its engineering, supply chain, and quality control capabilities to cater to external demand beyond the IK Group fold throughout 2022/23.