Business Areas

At IK Group, we believe in the brilliant engineering that defines us and empowers our companies.

Our mission is clear: we’re here to solve the toughest challenges in the energy industry, both locally and globally. It’s what keeps us moving forward every day.

Our companies offer a comprehensive portfolio of safe integrity pipeline system solutions and products worldwide for onshore and offshore applications. Each of our companies works independently but collaborates effortlessly – that’s the beauty of it and what makes us strong together.

IK Subsea

A high-energy, solution-driven company. With over 30 years of fearless innovation below the surface, we are the pioneers in addressing complex problems in the subsea engineering industry. We specialise in providing customised engineering solutions, reducing costly subsea operations with innovative approaches and surgical precision. Our technology helps clients maximise production efficiency throughout the lifetime of their assets.


IK Topside

Brilliant under pressure and at the forefront of engineering excellence. With 36 years of experience, we master live pressurised systems and pipelines, while minimising downtime and preventing unwanted incidents. With our innovative know-how and clever use of field-proven technology and methods, we can respond quickly to the need for emergency repairs, maintenance and modification, and turnaround work in pipes and pipelines for the oil & gas industry.


Born from a legacy of innovative expertise with a 30-year robust foundation. Specialized in high-end and standardized clamps. Reliable, readily available for emergency delivery, and cost-effective, our clamps redefine industry standards.


Our AOGV is a game changer when there is no alternatives. It provides positive isolation whilst maintaining system integrity – allowing process flow to continue. But it’s not just about all we can do; it’s about changing how the industry approaches isolation challenges. We’re the ones who dared to redefine ‘impossible.’ And we can prove it.

IK Engineering

It might seem like just a small piece in the big picture, but it is an important one. We deliver high-quality solutions and reduce cycles by fine-tuning the engineering process with focused concept development and implementation. We construct practical solutions, mitigating investment risks and enhancing overall project quality and safety— all thanks to brilliant minds.

IK Trax

Ensuring the optimal efficiency of your pipeline operations is our top priority. With over 25 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing pipeline pig locating and signalling equipment and advanced pipeline data logging and testing systems, we offer the most innovative, cost-efficient, and flexible range of solutions that guarantee total assurance in the performance of your operations.