02 March 2023 Izomax

IK Group Launches New Company, Izomax

In a move to address the surging global demand for AOGV isolation technology, IK Group has announced the launch of its wholly owned but separate entity, Izomax.

“The global demand for AOGV isolation technology has led us to the decision to launch Izomax as a wholly owned but separate company,” stated Eirik Berge, CEO of IK Group.

With a broad portfolio of value-adding products and solutions within pressurized systems, topside, and subsea, the Norwegian-based IK Group has established itself as a key player in the industry. To bolster its international growth strategy, the AOGV product line will now operate under the banner of Izomax as an independent but wholly owned subsidiary.

CEO Eirik Berge emphasized, “We will continue to support Izomax wherever needed, but by becoming independent, Izomax will take the AOGV technology and service delivery to new heights with enhanced customer focus and engagement.”

Rune Sele, Vice President of Izomax, expressed gratitude towards IK Group, highlighting their admiration for the investment, support, and encouragement that has propelled Izomax into this exciting new development phase.

Stay tuned for further updates as Izomax embarks on its journey to redefine the landscape of AOGV technology, promising unparalleled customer service and innovation.