24 October 2022 AOGV

IK Group’s AOGV Business Area Continues to Develop Butterfly Valve AOGVs

In a stride toward innovation, IK Group’s AOGV Business Area is currently immersed in an exhilarating endeavor: developing an 18” 150# Butterfly Valve AOGV. 

The recent DNV verification of the butterfly valve AOGV at our IK Norway in-house workshop, nestled in Forus, Stavanger, marks a significant milestone. Scheduled for execution on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in December 2022, this project holds immense promise.

Erlend Halvorsen, the Project Manager, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This project holds significant excitement for us as it entails the development of a new generation of butterfly AOGVs for a prominent oil supermajor.