Our mission is to empower brilliant engineering to solve the most challenging problems in the energy industry. And we do this by gathering the brightest minds to work with us on cutting-edge solutions and products. We’re proud to be doing what we do. Because it’s not just our work; it’s our DNA.

Our Commitment

But our commitment to brilliant engineering is only part of our story – we’re equally renowned for our incredible people, all dedicated to engineering solutions that redefine the industry and challenge the status quo. At IK Group, we empower our teams to leverage their skills and talents to the fullest and applaud their inventive thinking and proactive mindset.

We’re a tight-knit community of professionals spread across six companies, all dedicated to delivering world-class engineering solutions worldwide. We take our work seriously because that’s our driving force. We’re committed to solving our customer’s biggest challenges because we genuinely love what we do.


Our values are the foundation of our work. We’re about getting the job done while enjoying the process. But our goal isn’t just to offer the best engineering solutions but also to provide well-being and the best work environment to our people.

Uniting Top Minds for Engineering Excellence

At IK Group, you’ll find inspiring colleagues with the finest minds in engineering and other areas. We’re multinational, multicultural, multitalented people, each bringing a unique perspective that helps us to achieve the best results. Through this diversity, we have today a community of brilliant minds who love collaboration, driving change, and turning ideas into reality.

We’re growing fast and constantly looking for more people who want to make a big difference, bringing their brilliant engineering to life. If that’s you, then we’d love to hear from you.