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IK-Group have successfully carried out a live butterfly replacement on a hydrocarbon system for a major operator offshore Norway by using an AOGV. A 16” passing butterfly valve was replaced with a new butterfly valve without interrupting operations.

The valve was positioned between a slop tank and HC header. Traditional change of such a valve would have required significant operational preparation; gas freeing of HC header and cargo tanks, release of HC gas to environment and large need for inert gas and possible shut down.

By using the AOGV the butterfly valve replacement was safely executed on a live system with significant saving for the operator. The AOGV seals around the flange, plugs boltholes, confirms pressure envelope and separate flanges. The entire valve is thereafter pulled into the AOGV, the outer chamber is then depressurised and the faulty valve can be safely taken out. A new valve is thereafter inserted into the outer chamber which is closed, pressure is equalised with system and the new valve inserted. Plugs are replaced with flange bolts and system is recommissioned.

The AOGV is available in a range of sizes and pressure ratings. The purpose of the tool is to enable safe isolations and to reduce extent and duration of production shutdowns, adding value per application. The principle design was developed within the Company addressing shortcomings of traditional isolation methods. The AOGV is field proven and has successfully been used for a range of applications for major operators.

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