IK Group

Welcome to IK Group, a global engineering powerhouse, empowering brilliant solutions and products to solve the most challenging problems in the energy industry. Whether underwater or on land, we are your leading partner in innovation, safety, and quality.

Empowering innovation isn’t just an aspect of our brand; 
it is our DNA.

Our companies deliver state-of-the-art engineering tailored to solve the most complex engineering challenges in the energy industry. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of safe integrity pipeline system solutions and products for onshore and offshore applications anywhere in the world.

Our Core

IK Group-Core-Courageous


We value innovation at our core. It’s the driving force behind our brilliant engineering.

IK Group-Core-Responsive


Trust is our foundation. When we commit, we can bet our future on it.



Responsibility isn’t just a word in our dictionary; it’s our way of life.

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